At Red Hill Publishing, we do one thing and we do it like no other bookmaker on the planet.

We create family-business books that honor outstanding achievements from one generation to the next.

Picture this: you are working alongside your son or daughter. You talk of shared experiences and special memories. These are moments you cherish, and yet they feel fleeting. How do you hold on to those memories before they slip away?

Hire Red Hill Publishing to create a handcrafted family-business memoir.

We’ll do more than write a compelling business history. We’ll take you on a journey, an opportunity for reflection and self-examination, that will deepen your understanding of what makes your family story exceptional.

Before it’s all over, we bind your words, your wisdom, and your legacy in leather (or other fine materials), preserving the lessons learned in a guide to inspire future generations.


Fred Mouawad

“Creating a book with Red Hill Publishing has been a deeply valuable exercise in digging into our roots, identifying our core values across generations, and documenting our heritage for future generations. Also by better understanding our history we were able to set a better trajectory into the future.”

Fred MouawadFourth Generation Co-Guardian, Mouawad
Michael O’Brien

“Sally Collings and her wonderful team at Red Hill Publishing made the process of bringing my story to life an absolute joy. Thank you so much for helping me bring Shift to life, and helping me change lives along the way.”

Michael O’BrienPeloton Coaching & Consulting, bestselling author of Shift


You found your way to this website because you have a story to tell.

You wish to create an enduring legacy piece for your family members—a book that will preserve the values, principles, and culture that have made your family business great.

But where do you start?

You need more than a writer. You need a team of writers, editors, designers, printers, and book binders who understand your goal. And if your goal is a masterfully written story, an examination of true character, a portrait of family dynamics and business acumen, then you’ve come to the right place.

Red Hill Publishing is the best in the business.

We occupy a unique niche in the book publishing world. Our sole focus is family-business stories about successful enterprises. Red Hill Publishing is family owned and operated, so we know the triumphs and challenges you face.

Red Hill Publishing has produced stories for dozens of the world’s most successful multi-generational family businesses. We are, in truth, the leader in commemorating family-business legacies through handcrafted books.

Who We Work With

Our last client was a multinational jewelry and timepiece company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Mouawad is a family business started in 1890. The first generation moved from Lebanon to New York City and spent twenty years in America before returning to Beirut. The second generation opened a workshop in Saudi Arabia and quickly claimed the role of finest jeweler in the kingdom. The third generation transported the headquarters to Geneva and excelled at producing watches. Today, the fourth-generation leaders produce innovative designs for A-list celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Amy Adams, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Simpson.

Red Hill Publishing was commissioned to do what we do best—create a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted book to commemorate the family’s 125 years in business.

Our final product was nothing less than a rare gem in the book world and a remarkable map for the future of their family enterprise.

In the past couple of years, we have crafted a number of influential family-business books: Family Spirit, Killing Fairfax, Shift, and others.

Keep reading and find out more.

Mouawad is the story of a privately held Swiss and Emirati luxury goods company.  The book uses gold leaf and special inks to honor a family of fine jewelers, watchmakers, and diamond collectors.

Family Spirit was created for William Grant & Sons, maker of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky. We profiled twelve of the world’s most successful family-owned enterprises, including Riedel (glassmakers established in 1756), McIlhenny Company (of Tabasco Sauce fame), Lavazza (Italian coffee kings), and Mitchells Family of Stores (luxury clothing retailers).

We edited Killing Fairfax, a business tale about the demise of family-held media company Fairfax at the hands of media tycoons, James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch.

Shift is a business leader’s journals transformed into a meaningful keepsake through skilled editing and innovative design.


Shane Jacobson

“Sally’s ability to organize, structure, perfect and polish my stories with ease was astonishing. I ended up as a fan of her incredible talent.”

Shane JacobsonActor
Suzanne Stroh

“Sally Collings is a seasoned business writer, but I hesitate to box her in with that label. She’s an excellent interviewer and a great storyteller who can find the crux in almost any story and explain how problems arise and get solved. She is a pleasure to work with: always prepared, courteous, and dedicated.”

Suzanne StrohResearch Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise
Pamela Williams

“I will always remember your amazing work and your resilience with a fairly determined author … and how I came to trust you implicitly.”

Pamela WilliamsAward-winning Journalist and Author
Fiona Henderson

“Sally is not only one of the most brilliant writers and editors, she’s a pleasure to work with.”

Fiona HendersonNon-Fiction Publisher, Random House

Who We Are

I’m Sally Collings, founder of Red Hill Publishing.

Before I started Red Hill Publishing, I wrote six books under my own name (the very first was an immediate bestseller) and was ghostwriter for more than a dozen others, working with business leaders and media stars.

Earlier still, I was a senior editor with HarperCollins, executive editor with Websters Multimedia in London, and editorial director with UK publisher Amber Books.

From my first day working in publishing I’ve considered myself fortunate to be in the business of turning stories into books.

One day my boss at HarperCollins said:

“Sally, your strength is your 360-degree view of a book. You consider it all: the text, the cover, the illustrations, the paper. Not many people do that.”

This comment got me thinking.

What if I could take this talent, honed in some of the best publishing houses in the world, to honor and preserve the stories of family enterprises?

Today, I do just that.

Only a few years after opening our doors, Red Hill Publishing is the premier maker of family-business books in the United States.

We are family owned and operated, so it is a true pleasure for us to celebrate the legacy of other family enterprises.

Printing & Binding

When it comes to printing and binding, our real speciality is hand-bound books.

Believe it or not, our bespoke books are made one book at a time. By a person, not a machine.

You heard me right.

Our most discerning clients don’t want mass produced.

They want limited edition print runs, where each book is made by hand. Our clients want a work of art, which is exactly what we deliver.

Our clients aren’t in a hurry.

After all, it takes patience to nurture a family enterprise across multiple generations. Another way to say this is our clients value quality over speed. I know of many publishers who crank out a book in a matter of months. These books are rushed, the writing sluggish, editing sometimes nonexistent, bookbinding automated, and the overall quality poor.

Red Hill Publishing, on the other hand, is in the business of making exceptional books.

Our Process

  • Interviews

    One month. Or, it takes as long as it takes. During our interviews, I’ll ask many questions. I’ll nudge you for hidden motivations, for untold stories of risks taken and adversity overcome—in other words, all the gritty stuff readers demand of a great story.

  • Transcription

    We have the recordings professionally transcribed into a Word document. Check this out. 30 hours of interviews yields upwards of 1,200 pages of material we must slim down to around 200 pages of compelling story.


    Five months. It took your family decades (maybe even centuries) to create your memories, and it will only take us around five months to get it all down on paper.


    Two months. Our specialists will bring a keen and fresh eye to your story, honing and refining the flow and the language until the entire manuscript truly shines.

  • Book Design & Layout

    One month. Turning a clumsy Word doc into a Picasso is no easy task. We hand pick from the most luxurious parchments, fabrics and leathers to turn your words into a visual work of art.

  • PRINTING & Binding

    Three months. Making each book by hand takes time. Would you have it any other way?


    Total elapsed time: Twelve months. You get your books fresh off the press or directly from the artisan bookbinder, all wrapped in a giant red bow.

Pricing & Offer

We have three outstanding options for you to choose from.

A Family-Business Book

Choose Red Hill Publishing to create your family-business legacy book and you will receive professional interviewing, a top-level writer, editors, book designers, and 50 professionally printed and artisan hand-bound books. You get all of this delivered anywhere in the world.

Fee starting at $150,000.

Your Own Personal Writer

You may have your own plans for publishing your book, perhaps as an e-book or through traditional publishing channels. What you need is an outstanding writer who will dive deep into your story, conduct a series of insightful interviews, and craft 200 pages that are so compelling, readers will forego sleep rather than stop reading.

Fee starting at $85,000.

Articles and digital content

Origin stories are a powerful tool for building community. We can create a series of articles that you can include on your website, present to the media, and preserve in your archives. Who knows? One day you may decide to collate the pieces and make a book.

Contact us at publish@redhill.me to discuss fees.

Do you have something else in mind?

Turning your father’s journals into a book, or compiling a series of correspondence into a more permanent family treasure? Talk to us. No two stories are alike, no two life histories the same, and we love to find the best way to make your story come to life.

Call us today on 650 308 9068, or email us at publish@redhill.me.

Another thing we love is celebrating the completion of another successful project. Check out a few pics from a recent book party.


I’ve given you a lot to think about. I understand that.

So let me leave you with one last thought.

How do you want your family enterprise to be remembered?

Why not influence how future generations perceive your family business by writing it down, by telling your story in your words, and by leaving a record of your life experiences—the good and the bad, the lessons learned and the cautionary tales—for others to read and enjoy long after you’re gone?

So what’s stopping you?

If you decide to move forward, I’m here to help.

Sally Collings

CEO and Founder
Red Hill Publishing LLC
P.O. Box 1014
Palo Alto CA 94302
650 308 9068

Call me now. 650 308 9068

Call me now. 650 308 9068

Or, if you like, use the contact form below. Either way, let’s talk today.

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